24 May 2016

Combating Mindless Eating With A Food Diary

As of tomorrow I'm going to start documenting everything that I eat on a day-to-day basis. Well I'll try to anyway; I'm sure at the beginning there will be a few sneaky morsels that slip through the net and into my gob unrecorded.

I am the QUEEN of mindless eating. I'm a picker. I will blindly pick my way through food without taking a mental note of it, especially when I'm cooking or preparing a meal. It's like I have to try everything several times over before it's dished up. I'm a one woman quality control team I tell ya (no one has been sick from my cooking, so there's that). 

The absolute worst is when I'm grating or cutting cheese. Oh man I love the cheese; it's my weakness, my vice, my bae.

I also have a terrible habit of going on unhealthy eating sprees after a day of eating healthily. They typically start with a singular biscuit. And then in goes a couple more biscuits. And then something in my brain thinks 'sod it, I'll eat well tomorrow' and in goes anything calorific and bad for me that I can get my mitts on.

So yep, time to curb these unhealthy eating habits, cause that's all they are; habits. And habits can be broken, especially with the help of a new habit i.e. a food diary.

It's a lot less drastic than dieting (I'm not restricting WHAT I eat nor will I be noting the calorie content of anything) but I'm hoping that by physically writing down what I consume, it will stop me from stuffing my face by mentally slapping me on the wrist when I reach for that second, or even THIRD bag of crisps. Guilty. 

I'm also hoping it will shame me to see a sizeable tally chart next to the word 'hobnob'. But we shall see, only time will tell.

Wish me luck friends.

Have any of you tried a food diary? if so, did it help? 
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19 May 2016

Sass & Belle Haul & Review

Okay so this post has been sat in my drafts for a couple weeks now, patiently ready and waiting to be written.

The plan was that I'd sit down at my desk last weekend and type away to my little heart's content. Powered by coffee and motivation I would have had it done in a couple of hours. It's how I like to blog and also how my 'best' posts come about.

However, something bad, something terrible happened on Saturday evening which put me in the foulest of foul moods; it really was a humdinger.

There I was, in the Ikea loos when my phone leapt out of my pocket and landed with an almighty thud on the floor. At the time, I laughed it off, quickly picked it up before it was engulfed with grotty public bathroom germs and shoved it in my bag.

It wasn't until some fifteen minutes later when I went to get it out to take a photo because OMG THE IKEA MARKETPLACE IS PRACTICALLY INSTAGRAM PORN that I realised it was, to put it bluntly, fucked. The screen was blank, intermittently flashing and it was completely unresponsive. I couldn't even turn the blighter off. My phone had died a death, rendering me phoneless.

I managed to brush my feelings aside for the rest of my jaunt round Ikea but as soon as I got home, my toddler-rage kicked in. I'll stick my hands right up and say I am the worst for sulking and just being downright horrible to be around when I'm ticked off. So yeah, the whole situation lead me to waste the rest of my weekend which I'm now heavily regretting.

^ cool story bro.

It's all fine now though. I'm functioning with my old phone and I've sent the dead one off to be replaced. Thank god for phone insurance.

Anyway, I never intended this post to be a 'first world problems' sob story. I actually wanted to share my experience ordering from Sass & Belle.

In case you've not heard of of Sass & Belle, they are a London-based, quirky, affordable homeware and gift brand with the very apt tagline - 'for the little things in life'.

If you are a fan of pastel colours, ditsy floral prints, vintage inspired or shabby-chic homeware like I am then you should definitely check them out. Although, be warned, it can suck up a good hour of your time and a hefty chunk of your bank balance.

Here's what I bought as a payday treat. All of which arrived promptly and well packaged- I thought I'd quickly mention this as it's handy to know.

Flopsy The Bunny Cushion - £10 (down from £20)

I'm a sucker for a novelty cushion, I dig all things shabby chic and of course, I love all things rabbit-related so it was fate that this little guy would end up taking residence in my home. He was such a bargain at £10, especially considering all the different fabrics used and the stitch detailing that has gone into the cutesy design. He's a decent size too.

White Muted Ceramic Egg Crate - £6.50

Wow, they're not lying when they say mixed weight eggs huh? There's not much to say about this egg holder except that it does a stellar job at holding my eggs and that it looks a damn sight better than a normal egg box sitting on our kitchen side. Oh and as well as cream it also comes in baby pink or pastel blue. 

Moving swiftly on..,

Copper Wire Heart Photo Holder Large - £13

This photo holder is my favourite item by far. I adore the vintage heart design, the on trend copper colour, everything . It looks great hanging above our bed against our grey wall (anyone else think grey and copper are MADE for eachother?) I can't wait to stick some of our wedding polaroids in it and maybe some postcards from Paperchase. 
Pretty Thing Trinket Dish - £5

Granted, this was a gift to me from me but I love how it's a gift that just keeps giving with it's cheeky little compliment. Ohhh you. 

I bought this as I thought it would be useful to have on my bedside table for those nights when I'm already snug under the bed covers only to realise I've still got some sort of jewellery on. 

Copper hammered drinking cup - £7.50

I definitely won't be drinking out of this, it's too pretty and I think it would be a little weird? I'm yet to decide whether it will serve as a make up brush holder (lol, I have about 4 makeup brushes) or as a pen holder on my desk. What do you reckon?

Have you ever ordered from Sass & Belle before? Which of these items (if any) would you like in your home?
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15 May 2016

Things I Don't Like That Most People Go Nuts for AKA, My Unpopular Opinions

Unpopular opinions, we all have them. Opinions that you express only to receive strange looks and raised eyebrows from everyone within earshot.

Just the other day I found out one of my best pals doesn't like chicken kievs. That was a real 'WTF? WHO EVEN ARE YOU? DO I EVEN KNOW YOU ANYMORE?' moment in our fourteen years of friendship. 

I still don't get it. The girl likes chicken, loves garlic butter yet doesn't like the wondrous combination of the two that is the humble kiev. My brain cannot compute.

Still, I accepted it in the end because y'know, everyone is entitled to their opinion and all that, no matter how bizarre.

It actually made me think about all the things I don't like that everyone else goes nuts for. Turns out I have quite a few of these unpopular opinions, enough to churn out this post in fact.

And here they are. Get ready to raise dem brows to the roof.


I don't like cats. 

There I said it. Cue the haters.

I mean, kittens are kinda cute and there's several cats that I have warmed to over the years but that's merely because they had very uncatlike personalities.

To me, most moggies seem stuck up, ungrateful and like they couldn't care less about their human companions. Some even seem manipulative, take next door's cat for instance. It runs away from me if I go anywhere near it but as soon as I shut my front door behind me it comes right back and proceeds to sit on my car so it can sun itself. 

Ignorant so and so.

Another thing that annoys me about cats is that, more often than not they are allowed to shit wherever they please (Ed almost mowed over a pile of cat poop in our garden the over day - CAN YOU IMAGINE).

Oh and I really don't like that they kill innocent wildlife for pleasure only to bring it home as a 'gift' - gee thanks you guys. 


That's right, I don't like the iconic crescent-shaped, continental breakfast favourite. It doesn't matter what you shove in them either; Nutella, jam or even ham and cheese. I just think they're ghastly. 

I hate the buttery taste, the texture, everything. It's weird really because I'm partial to pain au chocolat now and again and they are essentially the same thing but with a piece of chocolate wedged inside. 

No, I don't know either.

Oh and whilst we are on the subject of food, some other unusal foodstuffs that I can't stand are; Jammie Dodgers, Cornettos, mint chocolate, (except After Eights and Matchmakers) chocolate tea cakes and warm chocolate puddings (especially those with melt in the middle centres).

And I had the cheek to judge my friend for not liking chicken kievs. 


The act of giving and receiving presents is a wonderful thing, in principle. I enjoy buying presents and receiving them as well. It's great to show loved ones that you're thinking of them and vice versa.

However, what I don't like is watching someone open the gift you've just handed over or y'know having to unwrap a gift someone has just given you under their scrutiny.

Its the most awkward thing.

The worst is when I genuinely like something someone has given me yet I don't know how NOT to act all OTT about it. I want to show that I'm grateful but I end up looking like a bit of a loon who is taking the piss.

"Oh my god, a new mug. Look at it, it's got my initial on. I love it, thank you so much. You know what? I think I'm going to go make a cup of tea in it right away."

^ that kinda thing.


I can only assume, what with the hoards of men walking around with hair sprouting all over their face, that most people are A-OK with the beard trend.

And when I say beards, I'm talking full-on big bushy beards, not a little bit of stubble or bum fluff. Being a woman who puts off shaving her legs for as long as humanly possible, I get it. I get that some men cannot be arsed to run a razor over their face a few times a week but there is no need to allow facial hair to completely take over.

Although some males are capable of executing a beard without looking like early man gone wrong, on the whole I think they look awful. I think they are ugly, scruffy and when I read this article about what germs some men harbour in their facial fuzz, HELLO POO PARTICLES -  It made me want to spew up the contents of my lunch. 

I'm hoping the trend joins the man bun in dying a death real soon.


This one is different in that I can appreciate why people really rate Lord of The Rings. I mean HELLO the trilogy won a whopping SEVENTEEN Oscars (totally had to Google that). That's got to count for something right?

I just can't seem to experience this awe first-hand. And it's not like I haven't tried either. I've attempted to watch it on several occasions but each and every time the storyline and it's 8368 characters loses me and I fall asleep. It doesn't even matter if I'm tired or not, it's like my brain goes into overload and consequently shuts down.

In my defence they are bloody long films and I do have the attention span of a toddler.

I will try again in the future but for now, no ta to LOTR.
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So there you have it, my unpopular opinions. 

Now please tell me yours so I can feel like less of a freak.

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